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Safety of Belongings while Shopping

Safety of Belongings while Shopping

The purse/wallet of a person can be likened to a goldmine containing valuable items that are lifesavers on terrible days. From something as simple as a safety pin that saves from unexpected tears to ID cards that allow for entry to a place others are unable to enter and even expensive phones that take the best selfies.
It is therefore not a surprise that we passionately and desperately guard our goldmine especially in the market. As a matter of fact, a number of people have found the market a place where their “Goldmine-purses and wallets” are at risk of being stolen.
Many have devised means of keeping their them safe:
• Some keep them in the booth of the car while they go foodstuff shopping
• Some travel light with pocket-dresses so their money will be kept in their pockets

How do you keep your Goldmine-purse/wallet or any other personal belongings when you go grocery shopping?