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Safety of Belongings while Shopping

Safety of Belongings while Shopping

The purse/wallet of a person can be likened to a goldmine containing valuable items that are lifesavers on terrible days. From something as simple as a safety pin that saves from unexpected tears to ID cards that allow for entry to a place others are unable to enter and even expensive phones that take the best selfies.
It is therefore not a surprise that we passionately and desperately guard our goldmine especially in the market. As a matter of fact, a number of people have found the market a place where their “Goldmine-purses and wallets” are at risk of being stolen.
Many have devised means of keeping their them safe:
• Some keep them in the booth of the car while they go foodstuff shopping
• Some travel light with pocket-dresses so their money will be kept in their pockets

How do you keep your Goldmine-purse/wallet or any other personal belongings when you go grocery shopping?

Cheated by a Merchant

Cheated by a Merchant

When something goes wrong in most societies, it’s always easy to run to a government agency or official. The speed at which the code is dialed is almost instantaneous, especially when we feel threatened or notice corrupt practices in our immediate environ. Whereas, most often than not, the case is not always so once we notice we’ve been cheated or short changed at the market. There is a sudden reluctance to return to the market at the thought of no one to report the situation to. You begin to play a foreseeable event of you returning to the market.
Your imagination of such event starts with you getting home and noticing 4 of the yams sold to you (at exuberant prices) by that merchant at the market were spoilt. First, you try to remember if this Yam seller had a shop you could trace him to. Alas, he doesn’t, as he only laid out his ware in one spot of the market. Next, you imagine that you actually could trace him to that spot and found him. You then told him about the spoilt yams. You expect his response to most likely be to either deny it or tell you he couldn’t have known the yams were spoilt. You then imagine yourself asking for a compensation and he refuses which then leads to more loud confrontation.
At this point of your imagination, you start to ask yourself “Is the hassle and embarrassment worth going back to demand the right thing be done”? With that question your resolution is to leave things to God to help you settle even as you sadly throw out the spoilt tubers of yam, wishing for some ‘Yam seller-EFCC‘ to come to your rescue.
Can you relate to this? Tell us about your experience